SANEI HYTECHS  VIETNAM Co., Ltd was founded in June 2015,  to provide high quality semiconductor design and verification service for our customers in worldwide.

SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM Co., Ltd  contributes Software development service and Hardware development service related to semiconductor products and  general consumer products. Also, we established Annotation Center. In Vietnam, 1) as to Software development, we work on especially  Application software  development on Android ,iOS, Bluetooth etc,  the embedded system software development  and the third-party software verification. 2) As to Hardware development, we work on the logic design,  functional verification (Frontend design), FPGA design service. 3) As to Annotation Center, we support customers that they collect/create design data and evaluate their products. We also are working on the deep learning data creation and putting tags on image data in the field of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. In our Data Center, we are working to respond to Big Data processing and contribute AI development and Deep Learning (DL) data in the automatic image recognition system which is used for Autonomous driving car, Security camera, Face recognition, Robot etc. In our Annotation Center, we also are supporting BPO tasks such as data input (Numeric data, Character input, etc)  into customer’s format.

  • 2019.06 Company trip in Ha Long