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Company name:       SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM Co., Ltd.

Established:             19 June 2015

Business:             1. Software Development

    Embedded Software

    Third-party Unit Verification

    Software application on Windows, Android, iOS and Bluetooth

2. LSI Design

    FPGA Design/Verification

    Logic Design/Verification

    IP Design/Verification

3. Annotation Center

    Create, Analyze and Provide design/evaluation data toward Big Data processing

    Deep Learning data creation of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) development

    BPO Service

Representative:     Chairman,  Yoshihiro Mabuchi

   General Director, Takeshi Nakamura (Vietnam Representative)

Employees:                48

Office Address:         Lot A & H, 21st Floor, Da Nang Software Park  Bldg,

    02 Quang Trung Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City, Vietnam

Telephone:                +84-236-3.889.012   Fax: +84-236-3.889.011

Email:                         info@sanei-hy.com.vn

Home Page:               www.sanei-hy.com.vn

Associated company:  SANEI HYTECHS co., ltd (Japan)

三栄高科設計(成都)有限公司 (China)

hd Lab, Inc. (Japan,US)

JSC co., ltd (Japan)

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