Annotation Center

Work closely with our Customer for high quality products

Our customers need huge sample or evaluation design data to develop products and to guarantee high quality. For example, in the automatic image recognition system development of automotive field, the high technology and quality to recognize the many objects such as human, car body, obstacle and white line on the road is required.
Also, we are supporting BPO tasks such as data input (Numeric data, Character input, etc)  into customer’s format.

SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM surely contribute AI by quality and cost reduction

Its development requires a huge evaluation data and databases. Especially, in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) development, the huge Deep Learning (DL) data is required more and more. SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM is working on the deep learning data creation and putting tags on image data in the field of AI development. SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM continues to respond to these needs. We can contribute customers’ business by creating and providing  high quality sample or evaluation design data according to customer’s requirements. In the Data Center, we are working to respond to Big Data processing and contribute the AI development and DL in the automatic image recognition system which is used for Autonomous driving car, Security camera, Face recognition, Robot etc.

We support Japanese customers in Japanese by Japanese staff staying in Vietnam and Vietnamese staff speaking Japanese. Also, SANEI HYTECHS Japan supports our customers in Japan.



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