13/Oct/2015 The first group engineers start three months technical training in Japan

We send engineers to Japan in order to give them the technical training, working manner, and Japanese skill. In this time, we sent 3 engineers (2 Hardware and 1 Software) from 13.Oct.2015 to 24.Dec.2015. We expect our engineers to get not only a technical skill but also good experiences by feeling Japanese culture directly in Japan.


19/Jun/2015 Founded SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM Co., Ltd in DaNang City, Vietnam

SANEI HYTECHS  VIETNAM Co., Ltd was founded in 19 June 2015,  to provide high quality semiconductor design and verification service for our customers in worldwide.

SANEI HYTECHS VIETNAM Co., Ltd  contributes Software development service, Hardware development service and Data Center to  create/analyze design data for customer support related to semiconductor products and  general consumer products.

Sanei Hytechs Vietnam Office Bldg